November 29, 2021


USA Hackers


Some of you may have noticed that right after our leaks became public, WikiLeaks immediately dropped a data dump of worthless Podesta emails. A few might think it was a coincidence. IT WAS NOT. Many think it was coordinated, that we worked with WikiLeaks to release the data dump around the same time as our leaks. THIS IS INCORRECT.

Hackers from the religious militia called κατέχον actually leaked data from their hack of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation weeks ago. Not many noticed. It was until we hacked WHO, CDC, NIH and the World Bank and leaked the data together with κατέχον’s dumps LAST WEEK, that people caught on. It was this week that our leaks went viral and there was no coordination whatsoever with WikiLeaks.

WikiLeaks’ data dump of the worthless Podesta emails was an attempt to DISTRACT everyone from our leaks. You may notice that Twitter, YouTube and Facebook are still cracking down on accounts sharing our leaks, while WikiLeaks and their Podesta leaks are making rounds and distracting people from what we are uncovering. WikiLeaks is a very sophisticated psyop whose distraction tactics are always employed at crucial moments. This was one of them, and lucky for us and perhaps even thanks to Divine Providence as a hacker from κατέχον just told us, WikiLeaks’ distraction has had no effect whatsoever except to mislead a few into deadend rabbitholes.

ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS FACT: WikiLeaks is a Mossad project. They belong to Mossad, their master, and they do the bidding of their master. They were a Mossad project from their very beginning, and they are agents of distraction who twist the truth, because there is no truth in them.

The SITE Intelligence Group, which has been feeding mainstream media what narrative to report about our leaks, is also Mossad. Their director Rita Katz, a former IDF officer, is still officially under contract with the IDF for consultancy services.

We had to put out this notification because of the gravity of what us and many others going through our leaks have uncovered. Specifically the disturbing facts pertaining to the Covid-19 pandemic and Bill Gates. WikiLeaks will once again resort to their distraction tactics once everything is compiled into detailed, coherent facts and made public. As usual, the SITE Intelligence Group will feed mainstream media and social media platforms what narrative to spin when said facts become public. So this notification is to warn you all to be vigilant, and not fall for the distraction and disinformation that the public will be forcefed once our findings are public.

Here is a tidbit about our history with WikiLeaks. Last year when we hacked Danish Microsoft partner BEZH International and a company under BEZH called Bichip who were contracted to make microchip implants for Microsoft and the US Navy, we submitted what we uncovered to WikiLeaks and they promised to make it public. We expect them to, given that WikiLeaks owed us as they had contracted us several times in their early days. But nothing ever happened. Later, came to find out that through Bichip, BEZH and Microsoft had been sending payments to WikiLeaks. Below are some of the transactions.